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Nowadays, banks and other mortgage companies are investing massively on online services. They understand that customers have a large pool of companies to choose from when it comes to their mortgage deals. Customers can now easily move their loan from one mortgage lender to another when they are dissatisfied by the available services. This mortgage lending institution is no exception. PNC Mortgage online functions are offered to make homeowners’ lives easier when taking care of their mortgage businesses.

Online Functions at PNC Mortgage

The first PNC Mortgage online function to be discussed is offered for prospective mortgagors. This free application is called Home Insight Planner. Through this application, customer will be able to decide a mortgage plan that is suitable for them based on customer’s actual budget and lifestyle. It also allows customer to immediately choose possible property with updated interest rates. Here are the steps that you can follow to utilize this application.

  • Establish a household profile by inputting income, number of household members, current credit score, residential location, and down payment ability
  • Arrange a basic budget
  • Look for property around your location that suits existing budget
  • Save results of household profile, budget, and possible property to be reviewed when contacting a loan officer

There is also calculator among PNC Mortgage online tools. This online calculator will allow customer to determine the affordability of property. It helps customer deciding how much down payment should be put down when taking mortgage for a certain property. Estimating closing costs is also made easy with this online calculator. There are many other functions that this calculator can perform. You can access the online calculator at

Another interesting PNC Mortgage online function is the ability to check on the most current rates. Customer can check rates for house purchasing, refinancing, and home equity. Here are the steps that you can follow to utilize this online rates function.

  • Access PNC Mortgage online site at
  • Click “Select Loan Type”
  • Choose between “Mortgage”, “Refinance”, or “Home Equity” based on your needs
  • Click “Check Rates”

When homeowner has already decided on using the company’s service, they may use PNC Mortgage online function called Home Insight Tracker. This app is going to help homeowner keeping track on their mortgage application. Homeowner is able to upload necessary documents through this app. It also gives current status of mortgage application as well as loan details. Secure interaction with a designated lending officer is also offered in this app. It is accessible through desktop computer and mobile devices.

Another PNC Mortgage online function is paperless monthly statement. This online service is provided for free to customers. The app allows customers to check on their statements for the last seven years. It enables customers to sort through the pile of statements by entering keyword on quick search. This paperless statement can also be saved digitally in PDF format then printed if you wish. Online statement is also friendlier toward the environment as it consumes less paper resource and has zero waste.