Suntrust Mortgage Application

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As we know, technology began to grow rapidly each time and began to perform its duties as a human assistant sole. Moreover, there is now the largest network that connects the entire world, called the Internet. Accessing technology becomes easier. Many parties and companies start to move from hardware to software. They begin to leave the complexity of storing physical data and convert it into data stored on the internet. This system is then embraced by SunTrust Mortgage Company. It is trying to ease service by releasing SunTrust mortgage application called SmartGUIDE.

SmartGUIDE is here to provide easy operation of mortgage loan application in modern way. The application is not only useful for clients, but also for loan officer and mortgage expert. Todd Chamberlain, head of SunTrust application said that with SmartGUIDE, the process of registering mortgage loans that previously made the stress can be easier and faster. He also hopes, with this functional SunTrust mortgage application, it will bring up a new style transparency. This is expected to increase the level of customer confidence in SunTrust.

Basically, SmartGUIDE works by relying on the connectivity and ease of platform that you have. Therefore, SunTrust mortgage application can be accessed almost on all platforms, ranging from smartphones, tablets, to laptops. You can easily access to use the app.

Of course, before you can enjoy the application, you must be registered to become part of SunTrust’s client. To register, you can go to and click on the “Sign on” option in the upper right corner. After all the process is complete, log in to the SmartGUIDE app. SunTrust mortgage application has a variety of features that are complete and integrated. It is available online application form, scan data, e-sign, even chat feature to customer service and your assigned loan experts.

How does SmartGUIDE work?

You can start registering mortgage loan through SunTrust mortgage application. Just click the option “Apply for a mortgage” then you will be given various file requirements you have to submit. You do not need to come to the SunTrust office, just simply scan the required files and upload them in the box provided. Next, the company will analyze your file, make sure nothing is left behind, and store it in a private cloud in the company. Next, you just follow the notified path in the app. It does not take long, just 40 minutes then your mortgage application is completed.

Through this application, all data and information will take place in real-time. You will also be given a pop-up notification regarding the sustainability of your transaction. You can also check your mortgage loan status through this tool. SmartGUIDE is truly a one-stop SunTrust mortgage application.

With this app, hopefully, there are no more reports about missing files or transactions that are not clear. Since everything is recorded and organized neatly, all data can be seen and used repeatedly when needed. Over time, there will still be various updates and improvements that will be applied to this SunTrust mortgage application. But for now, SmartGUIDE is the best mortgage loan application in its class.