Suntrust Mortgage Atlanta GA

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What comes into your mind when you hear about SunTrust mortgage? Many of you may be familiar with this home loan provider. It is not strange considering SunTrust is one among reliable mortgage lenders that we can find. Being involved in home loan and mortgage for years, its branch spreads nationwide. SunTrust can be found almost in any states, including Atlanta. Those who live in or around Atlanta can visit SunTrust Mortgage Atlanta GA for sure.

Before going further, let’s get closer to SunTrust mortgage itself. Being a part of SunTrust Bank Inc., the mortgage division offers financial assistance. Whenever you want to buy a new home and need home loan, SunTrust Mortgage Company will be ready to help. You can gain the benefit of products and services in all branches, including SunTrust mortgage Atlanta GA. Just make sure you are eligible for the loan.

What SunTrust Mortgage Atlanta GA Offers to You

As mortgage lender, SunTrust give their effort to give the best to their clients. Wide ranges of services and products are available; therefore the borrowers can adjust with their need. SunTrust Mortgage Atlanta GA brings several products and features to be chosen.

Let’s mention the loan program with various rates offered by SunTrust Mortgage Atlanta GA. Once you decide to get the home loan, you will have some choices including fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage. Fixed rate allows you to have fixed monthly payment, which means market rate has nothing to do with your mortgage payment.

Meanwhile, adjustable rate mortgage enables the monthly payment to change depending on the market. The advantage of adjustable rate is that you may get lower mortgage payment with certain condition. In contrast, you possibly get higher payment if the market rate is also high. For further information about fixed and adjustable rate, you may see the customer service at SunTrust Mortgage Atlanta GA.

SunTrust Mortgage Atlanta GA Branches

As mentioned, SunTrust mortgage lender spreads widely across the states, including Georgia. In Atlanta, there are several places where we can find SunTrust Mortgage Atlanta GA branches. The first location of SunTrust branch is at 25 Park Place, Atlanta 30303. This branch opens from Monday to Saturday, with 7 working hours from 09.00 am until 04.00 pm, except Friday and Saturday. On Friday the office opens until 06.00 pm and 12.00 pm on Saturday. In case you cannot come, reach them by phone at (404) 588-7610.

The other location where you can find SunTrust mortgage branch is at 241 Peachtree St, Atlanta 30303. Open at the same working hour, they will be really happy to solve your financial problem. The available phone number that you can reach is at (404) 524-1073. Do not be reluctant to consult any financial problem with SunTrust officer. Or if you cannot decide the right loan program, the customer service helps you find the proper and suitable home loan according to your budget and lifestyle. Find the nearest Suntrust Mortgage Atlanta GA and solve your home loan problem.