Suntrust Mortgage Bill Pay

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Once you seal the deal with SunTrust for the mortgage, of course, one of the next steps that you should do is to make monthly payments for certain period of time. As the company explained already on the official website, SunTrust offers the customer several SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay alternatives as to how they can handle their payments. You can choose one out of all which is suitable for you to follow.

That being said, these alternatives ensure some convenience for you. Below are SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay options to pick. Please remember that some of the options only work when you already have a bank account.

The SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay Options

The first option to SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay is making payment through online. There are three types of payment for this option. Those are one-time payment, recurring payment, and bi-weekly payment. For one-time payment, all it takes is a log-in to your SunTrust’s website account and fill out the payment details as well as your bank account’s information. Just remember that it is only a one-time payment. For continual payments, you can choose the second type of payment plan which is recurring payments.

Just like the first type of payment, in this alternative of SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay, customers need to log-in to SunTrust’s official website and fill out the form for the recurring payments. However, for the bank account, instead of authorizing a one-time debit, you have to authorize a recurring debit per month. Meanwhile, bi-weekly type of payment is much more complicated than the previous two. Thorough information regarding this plan can be accessed via SunTrust Mortgage Client Service Department’s phone number or via the loan officer.

Another option of SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay is paying through phone calls. This is the easiest out of three options. Customers can pay their bill by calling their Client Service Department at 800-634-7928. The suitable time to call is during the office hours, which is Monday to Friday at 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. As for the weekend, Saturday, they are only available to answer your call from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Please note that later when you call, you are required to state or submit some information regarding the loans service you choose as well as the checking account that you possess.

The last option available is to pay by check. This option of SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay requires customers to pay their bill by check while including the coupon they got from their billing statement. Just send the documents to your billing address before the monthly due date for the payments. Different from the previous alternatives which all free, however, this option will cost you postage.

If by any chance, postage is too much for you, then you can just go to the nearest branch of SunTrust to make the payments. Any information related to which branch is near to you can be accessed at SunTrust official websites. With all these SunTrust Mortgage Bill Pay options, it is safe to say that SunTrust really considers the customers’ convenience.