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In the old days, ordinary transactions took place with only two parties: seller and buyer. This type of transaction is popular because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Until finall the fraud comes up. As a result of the rampant cases of fraud, a sense of distrust is also appeared; both on the side of seller and buyer. Since then, many transactions have been conducted involving third parties. This third party functions can vary, ranging from overseeing the transaction, securing material at stake, or even provide a win-win solution for both parties in form of benefits generated from transaction. One of the third party types in property transactions is mortgage broker. Well, many reliable mortgage brokers come from SunTrust mortgage broker.

What are the Difference between Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Expert?

This question must immediately appear in your head. At first glance, SunTrust mortgage broker and mortgage experts sound the same. But if noted, the difference is quite clear. Mortgage brokers are usually third parties who are not tied to the lenders or borrowers. They are paid from the agreement between the two parties. After the transaction is complete, their task is completed.

Mortgage experts, on the other hand, will accompany borrowers until the loan period is over. They are also employed by lenders to assist clients. In addition to such significance, where is the position of SunTrust mortgage broker?

In this case, SunTrust mortgage broker is between the two significances. They are employed by the SunTrust mortgage company, but they are not permanent workers. They are more of the facilities provided by SunTrust in an effort to honor the transaction that will be done. You can also ask for advice on the advantages of transactions that are being made to them. SunTrust mortgage broker act as a bridge between borrower and non-bank lender in order that both can get the most out of transaction being made.

How to Request Mortgage Broker Facility from SunTrust?

If you wish to request assistance from SunTrust mortgage broker, you simply tell your loan officer or call SunTrust Mortgage Company’s call center at 800-634-7928. Make sure you call before meeting with non-bank lenders, otherwise their presence will only be a waste. After you finish requesting the SunTrust broker, you will be contacted by available brokers. After you deal with him, you can directly provide details of the price and location; to be calculated later on the benefits gained from the transaction. If you want, you can involve lenders in this process to provide transparency for both parties.

Once all the transactions are done and you have a deal with lender, the broker’s job is done. You can discuss the broker fee through your loan officer. Furthermore, if you want to refinance or repurchasing, then you will be registered a new broker that’s certainly different from before.

As mentioned earlier, SunTrust mortgage broker is used to provide convenience for transactions between both parties. The transactions can be ascertained safe. Moreover, transparency can be achieved when you hire a mortgage broker.