Suntrust Mortgage Complaints

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When it comes to SunTrust mortgage, you probably think of convenient home loan service. Coming with many mortgage products such as fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, federal housing, doctor loan and many others, this company seems to get everyone’s trust. In fact, there is nothing perfect including this division of SunTrust Bank. According to several reviews, there are many SunTrust mortgage complaints. What is actually the problem of their service? How do the customers review this mortgage lender?

SunTrust Mortgage Complaints and Review

Talking about the SunTrust mortgage review cannot be separated from rating. Based on some trusted review website, SunTrust mortgage earned 1-star rating on May 2016. This is quite surprising considering this company has many branches nationwide. We normally think that the number of branches is equal to the demand of customers. However, the review said otherwise. Generally, most of SunTrust mortgage complaints are about the customer service and loan program.

According to the polls, the 1-star rating is based on the average of 34 ratings taken from 303 review. The fact that nobody gave 5-star and 31 customers gave 1-star resulted this unsatisfying rating. From the review, it can be concluded that most of the customers are not happy with the service. Not to mention the SunTrust mortgage complaints about loan documents error. Some mistakes in counting the property tax is also reported in the review.

The other review website show slightly different result. SunTrust got higher rating, which is 1.6-star out of 5. Based on this website, the star was based on 27 reviews done by the customers. They divided the review which include the application process, customer service and loan holder. The review also includes SunTrust mortgage complaints about the aspects.

For the application process, the reviewer gave 2 stars out of 5. SunTrust mortgage customer service seems to consider the SunTrust mortgage complaints and review to improve their service. According to the score, the customer service only got 1.5 stars out of 5. Meanwhile, the loan holder should be satisfied with 1.5 stars out of 5.

There are actually various SunTrust mortgage complaints delivered by the reviewers. Based on different site, the customer complains about his loan that was sold to Union Bank. It is really bad to find that SunTrust did not notify the customer, who got the information after being called by Union Bank. The other customer gives complaints about the SunTrust mortgage that increased the monthly payment, whereas she has fixed-rate.

From the reviews, SunTrust actually can learn many things. Today, people judge something simply by reading the review. If they really want to keep running the business, they need to improve some aspects such as the customer service as well as their system. SunTrust mortgage complaints help them find out their lack, which allows them to fix the problem and run a better business in the future. If they insist to keep doing what they do, it is not impossible to find people leave them and find the other mortgage lender that offers better service.