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Are you an American and don’t have enough money to build your home? Do you want to borrow some money for it? Well, SunTrust Mortgage Loans is the best answer!

The price of residence is always increasing every time. However, it isn’t an excuse to build cozy and ideal home. SunTrust Mortgage Loans is ready to lend some money to realize your dream.

SunTrust Mortgage Loans is a loan program by SunTrust Banks, Inc. This bank which is built in 1891 is located in Georgia, Unites States. The important person in that bank is Mr. William H. Rogers as CEO.

The Mortgage Loans Programs

If you want to lend money from SunTrust Mortgage Loans, you should know the services from SunTrust. It will help you to choose loan program that you need. So, what programs are offered? Let’s check them out!

Firstly, if you want to buy new home, you will take construction into permanent loans program. The loans will not be given to the builder but will be given immediately to you. You, as the client, are the person who gets the loans. You can use those loans for rehabilitation or renovation.  Remember, they just pay your primary or secondary home!

Secondly, if you are veteran or military member in America who wants to buy home, you can take Department of Veterans Affairs Loan program. You pay most of the loan payments up to 4% of the property value. The advantage of this program is home purchase without down payment.

Thirdly, if you are villager who lives in rural area, you should take Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans program. However, you must remember that the requirement of this program is that you must have moderate or low income. Those loans have a term of 30 years.

Fourthly, if you want to pay loans with fixed interest rate in loan period, just take Fixed Rate Mortgage program. So, you pay predetermined loan amount. In SunTrust Mortgage Loans, you can choose payment in a short time or less payment each month to enjoy tax benefits in a long time.

Fifthly, if you are Federal Housing Administration client, you can try to take Federal Housing Administration Loans program since this department supports these loans by paying mortgage insurance. You will get lower payment requirements than the other mortgages.

Mortgage Loans Steps

After knowing some programs in SunTrust Mortgage Loans, what should you do next? Please, follow these steps to get your loans!

First is loan application. Give your necessary information, including financial information to SunTrust. The next step is processing. SunTrust Bank will check your application and it will estimate the value of your property. Then, you need underwriting. This is a formal approval. SunTrust bank will submit the loan to the underwriter for final loan approval.

Furthermore, the bank will plan your schedule to sign the loan document. And the last is closing and funding. In this step, your time of funding will be planned. If you want further information about SunTrust Mortgage Loans, you can call SunTrust’s customer service on +180078872835 or visit the website on Let’s enjoy your property with SunTrust!