Suntrust Mortgage Loss Mitigation

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As a widely known mortgage company, SunTrust provides SunTrust Mortgage loss mitigation for affiliated homeowners or homebuyers. Loss mitigation itself means a process that’s used by lenders to cooperate alongside buyers that are delinquent on home loans. Through a loss mitigation process, lenders are able to modify home loan terms which allow homeowners selling property less than owed. Alternatively, homeowners may transfer back the deed to mortgage lender. Loss mitigation process in SunTrust requires applicants to go through an interview first. Usually, interviews are held in their SunTrust Mortgage Inc. main headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia. For homeowners experiencing delinquency in paying mortgage, applying for loss mitigation is recommended.

SunTrust Mortgage Loss Mitigation Activities

SunTrust definitely has substantial responsibilities towards handling and initiation of SunTrust Mortgage loss mitigation activities and foreclosure proceedings. Loss mitigation activities include those related to foreclosure deeds-in-lieu, special forbearances, cash-for-keys, repayment plans, short sales, short refinances, and modifications. It is important to remind potential customers that SunTrust Mortgage Servicing is named eighth biggest residential mortgages servicer across United States. SunTrust services a portfolio with more than a residential mortgage loans amount of 950,000. As a mortgage company, SunTrust has achieved a lot and succeeded in ranking well among other mortgage servicers.

SunTrust Mortgage loss mitigation is valuable to consumers seeking to refinance a mortgage plan. Homeowners facing issues with their mortgage plan should consider SunTrust Mortgage Company’s various perks and offers. Homeowners may contact SunTrust loss mitigation department for further assistance.

SunTrust Mortgage loss mitigation process with this mortgage company definitely has its perks. Besides having to go through an interview, they also provide options when an applicant is officially qualified. SunTrust refinance rates are available on both adjustable and fixed options. There will be a huge variety of adjustable and fixed rate mortgages to consider.

Additionally, SunTrust Mortgage loss mitigation offers financing up to 100 percent without mortgage insurance payments each month. This is especially appealing in mortgage servicing market. Although be mindful that state restrictions regarding ratio of loan-to-value might apply. Fixed mortgage rates in SunTrust offers comfort to homeowners due to making similar payments monthly. A fixed mortgage rate can be a great option to homeowners enjoying consistency in mortgage payment schedule. Fixed rate mortgage plan makes it easier for homeowners to pay for mortgage on time to avoid cases of loss mitigation. Anyone that qualifies may apply for this mortgage plan.

SunTrust Mortgage loss mitigation department will assist customers at all times and serve any issues related to loss mitigation affairs. They should be contacted immediately through their hotline 800-443-1032 on working hours and working days. Before homeowners might experience loss mitigation issue, make sure to pick the correct mortgage loan option that best suits a homeowner’s needs.

Last but not least, SunTrust Mortgage loss mitigation department will assist homeowners experiencing this case with full responsibility. They will help since beginning until issue has been entirely resolved. SunTrust Mortgage aims to satisfy their customers with the best customer support and mortgage products. Make sure to check out SunTrust for mortgage consideration.