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For someone who lives in Virginia Beach areas, sweat not because SunTrust Mortgage Virginia Beach may offer you best of the best services. In a nutshell, the guidelines for mortgage services are not very different from the other services provided by other branches. Don’t worry as the location of the branch is not really a big deal to affect the services. What you should note is that the current rates for property that you want usually depend on the locations.

But of course, to gain trusted and thorough information, it is much recommended for the customer to contact one of the nearest SunTrust Mortgage Virginia Beach Branches instead of wondering and assuming things.

SunTrust Mortgage Virginia Beach Branches Information

In total, there are nine branches of SunTrust Mortgage Virginia which may become your options. However, to have a certain service from them, you must check whether they provide such services in their branch or not. It is because as what’s written on SunTrust official website, each branch offers a different variety of services. Well, below are some of the branches that have their own plus and minus.

The first branch of SunTrust Mortgage Virginia is located on Hilltop. The complete address can be accessed directly from the official website. This Hilltop branch provides to types of how to consult with them. It is either by visiting their office branch or by using drive-thru facility. Both ways, however, are available from Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. Different office hours are applied for weekend specials. That is if you prefer a face to face meeting, but if not, you can call the phone line at 757-448-6320 or fax through the fax address at 757-425-7656.

The next one is located on Pacific Ave. Similar to the previous branch, this branch of SunTrust Mortgage Virginia that’s called as Pacific Avenue also operates the office as well as drive-thru facility from Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. What differs this branch from the previous one is the variety of services. Referring to what is written on the official website; this branch offers fewer services than the Hilltop branch. For example, if the Hilltop branch has special weekend hours, this branch does not.

The phone number for customer to contact Pacific Avenue branch is 757-448-6320. Meanwhile, the fax address is 757-425-6721. Move to the third branch of SunTrust Mortgage Virginia, it is located in Courthouse Marketplace. Like Pacific Avenue branch, a customer can only reach it via office and drive-thru on weekdays only. It does not provide weekend hours like the one offered by Hilltop. For indirect discussion, you can call them on 757-716-6010 for phone or 757-563-2120 for fax. At a glance, the services offered by this branch are the same as Pacific Avenue branch. However, in this branch, there is small business solution service replacing investment center that’s provided by the Pacific Avenue branch.

These are just three SunTrust Mortgage Virginia branches out of their nine branches. Clearer information for better understanding can be accessed through the official website.